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GL&C zahajuje od r. 2012 spolupráci s přední US specialistkou na Business Intelligence. Profesorka Ram, úzce spolupracující také s NASA či CIA, bude pro GL&C učit kurz BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: WEB and SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS.


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Marketing služeb

Course Objectives:

This course seeks to provide an understanding of the unique marketing/management issues related to service industries (e.g. telecommunications, consulting, software, and healthcare). The growing role of services in the global economy will be discussed and key differences between products and services will be examined.

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Investiční bankovnictví

Course Objectives:

The purpose of this course is to provide participants with a core understanding of the diverse activities undertaken by the various departments operating within an investment bank.

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Business Management Simulation

Create and manage your own company. In real-time, you experience a multiplayer competition for market leadership and shareholder value within a simulation of real world economy.


As the executive team, the students are provided with the seed capital (investment money) to start up their business. They can use this money to build a factory, open sales offices, and design brands. They will invest 1,000,000 in each of the first four quarters. An additional 5,000,000 will become available in quarter 5 from venture capitalists, for a total of 9,000,000.
The executive team has the next 2 years (8 quarters or decision periods) to get the company off the ground. Within this time frame, they should become a self-sufficient firm, earning substantial profits from their operations.
The web based exercise challenges students to make tough decisions in Accounting, Finance, Advanced Marketing, Manufacturing, Business Partner Negotiations and Profitability Analysis. The market in the game is competitive and fast-paced, the customers are demanding and the competition is working hard to increase their market share.
Students can play against their peers. The grading is based on the balanced scorecard that measures profitability, customer satisfaction, market share in the targeted market segments, asset management, and preparedness for the future and wealth.

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Business Intelligence: Web and Social Media Analytics ... NOVINKA

Business intelligence and Analytics (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. BI applications include the activities of decision support, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting, network analysis, and data mining.

There are two major forces driving the interest and growth in Business Intelligence: an explosion in the amount and variety of data being generated on the internet, and the emergence of social media technologies. Data is becoming strategically critical to enterprises of any size and type. Fueled by new web technologies, companies such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN are routinely generating what is known as BIG DATA i.e. upwards of 20 Petabytes of data each day – a petabyte is one million gigabytes or approximately 6 billion digital photos or 20 million four-drawer filing cabinets filled with text. Emerging Social Media sites and technologies such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, GroupOn, Flickr, Pinterest, and Foursquare are further causing an explosion in data.

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